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Telluric Creatives Dancer

About Tamsyn

Profoundly moved by music, art and nature, Tamsyn seeks to express poetic movement through dance, with a special focus on eco-arts, sustainability, environmental and civil justice.


Tamsyn trained at the prestigious Marie Walton-Mahon Academy, and the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts ( WAAPA) under Nanette Hassall and Marilyn Jones. She regards her private training with Prima Ballerina Assoluta - Dame Lucette Aldous AC, respected coach/RAD examiner - Diana de Vos OAM, and ballet training industry giant - Marie Walton-Mahon OAM, as invaluable and a privilege. She received and accepted full sponsorship from South African Ballet Theatre to join their graduate programme while in 2nd year of WAAPA, and went on to perform with them professionally. Tamsyn was also offered a Rotary scholarship to tour Germany.


The growing body of artistic collaborations at home and abroad reflect the mindful approach that permeates Tamsyn's practice. She has been fortunate to choreograph for music performances/videos for many local artists, and has been involved with various visual art projects.

Tamsyn is committed to creating new multi-artform narrative-driven works, through collaboration and strong developmental processes.

She is a lifelong practitioner of yoga and meditation, and an Usui Reiki healer. Tamsyn is also a student of History, Philosophy and Environmental Humanities at the University of Western Australia, and a co-editor at Green Issue - the editorial magazine for The Greens Party WA. She is a member of UNESCO - International Council of Dance.

Telluric Creatives and Tamsyn Heynes create indie arts at home and abroad. Follow our socials to keep abreast

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