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Telluric Creatives Dancer


(All classes are 1 hour long, unless stated otherwise)


Adult Ballet
All levels welcome. Open class (exercises change each lesson)



All levels welcome. Wearing pointe shoes is optional. Class is tailored for pointework and strengthening for pointework. Taking a second weekly Ballet class is highly recommended.

If you have not previously been put en pointe by an experienced and qualified teacher, Tamsyn will assess your readiness.


Ballet & PBT
Ballet exercises are returned to each week, allowing you to consolidate and build upon your learning and technique. Great for all levels. Ballet and PBT incorporates Progressive Ballet Technique, which is a revolutionary system of ballet-specific body conditioning that focuses on muscle memory. Excellent to improve strength, flexibility, alignment, technique and overall general wellbeing. There is the option to gain internationally recognized certification (great for dancers and performers of other genres, movement therapists and movement workers, and anyone who would like formal recognition).

Open Contemporary

Contemporary all levels. It is recommended to take a weekly ballet class as well (but fine if you don't).

Movement, fitness, flexibility and creativity


Candlelit Vinyasa

Dynamic vinyasa by candlelight. Suitable for all levels and abilities. Lots of modifications and progressions. Focuses on each chakra, meditation and pranayama


Yin Yang Yoga

Yoga practice suitable for all levels and abilities.

Modifications and progressions to suit all practitioners.

Flow and ebb, advance and retreat vinyasa practice. Strength then softness 


Private Session

with Tamsyn

Book a ballet, PBT or yoga private with Tamsyn.

A mutually convenient time can be arranged

Find class schedule, payment options and booking info 

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